LOUP "The Opening"

Le nouvel album de LOUP "The Opening" est sorti sur le label berlinois Audition Records.

And for the lovers of instrumental and powerful destructive jazz, here we have LOUP.
Clement Edouard playing sax & electronics, and Sheik Anorak with drums & electronics also.
"LOUP started in early june 2010. This duo was born to play with Rangda (Chris Corsano, Ben Chasny and Sir Richard Bishop) at Grnd Zero in Lyon on june 8th 2010. I (Sheik Anorak) was supposed to improvised with other musicians from Grnd Zero as an openeing for Rangda, but instead I asked Clement to start a new improv/free jazz duo. And then LOUP was born".
LOUP can be considered as an avant-garde free jazz duo. The meeting of jazz background (Clement Edouard) and noise (Sheik Anorak). LOUP is beyond jazz and beyond noise, something like a link between comtemporary music, free jazz and art.... something like"comtemporary art/jazz".